Exodus Night

Battle Frenzy!

Battle Frenzy!


1. No Permanent death: This is an arena duel against monster NPC's! If you die your experience will be determined on the rounds you accumulated. If you get knocked out and go to the next round, you will begin the next round with 1 hit point, and you will get the xp for that round if you die.

2. There are no after battle healing that's right! You can only heal during
battle. Healing items per round such as healing rings ECT. are allowed.

3. Due to the prices and xp won from this event certain spells such as
bloodweb, spells that make you invincible for d level rounds or spells that go
past the casting power of focus and enchantments have been magically nulled
by the arena if you cast, they will fizzle.

4. Charging are allowed so are spells that raise all stats % to hit
evade ECT are allowed or spells that decrease the stats of the enemy % to
hit evade ect. If you get hit while charging you MUST roll wisdom, and if
you fail you lose your charge, charge at your own risk.

5. We encourage role-playing and we can deduct or null an action without Role-play. Awards will go to those that excel in role-play

6. If hit you must soak your % via dice and subtract from your total Max
hit points on the main room, it applies for healing rings per round. They must be added on the screen to ensure accurate track of your hit point total.

7. Casters due to the fact this is an endurance math so to speak, you must say
how many spells you have left after casting if you do not know… spells go
like this level 5=7 spells level 6=8 and so forth

8. xp prizes will go as follows 6 xp points per round and up to 500 gp.
Those that make it to the end and defeat the final foe NPC monster get to choose
gold or an item from the NightStorm shoppe

Battle Frenzy! is a theater game belonging and copyrighted to Exodus Night © internet role playing game Copyrighted © 2001 to 2009 Barbara Williams.