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Exodus Night Crest

Exodus Night Echelons

Echelon Crest Rules

Upon reaching level 12, a character will be awarded the Exodus Night Crest (sometimes called an Echelon Crest), a brooch or cloak clasp which may be displayed on their armor or clothing. Once per quest they may call on its power to create a circle of warding with a radius of Lvl/2 feet and a duration of Lvl/2 rounds. No being may enter the circle while it is active unless their level is at least 6 levels higher than the wielder. Any affected beings caught inside the circle as it is activated are knocked out and suffer 2dLvl damage.

You can have the crest forged into a single item of armor except for those of the Robe type (a shield, a suit of armor, gauntlets or a helmet would all be allowed, for example, but not a cloak) for +5% soak at no cost, but once joined with an item of armor it cannot be removed without losing all its powers.


So here I am an Echelon going to a ceremony after years of helping on journeys. I never thought I’d become this well learned, and be named ‘SkyFlare the Echelon’ but it happened. I tried magic out for a year or so, and after burning socks and setting things on fire, my aunt found out that if I used my mind I could do mentalist things. You know, thinking about slamming an ogre into a wall and hear him say he is sorry, or making a beast cry like a baby. I had a tutor and went to classes’ everyday, and when I heard the demon man Cynric was getting better than me, aunt Aiyanna said she’d help me get better.

Some people like racing with their legs but not me, I raced Mister Cynric in my studies. Orion says I have a crush on him, but I just like him even though aunt Aiyanna says he is evil. Enough said about the demon man, but we are going to the ceremony together. *Grins*

Vihuela told me not to get too sure of myself and to control my temper, so I will do that for awhile, until I get even better than an Echelon.

They say when I get even better, something grander will happen, but it ain’t getting my wings, cause my back is itchin and I think they are comin out. Maybe at the ceremony my wings will burst out of my back and I can fly away with the crest and L’Ombre sword.

What do I believe in? Peace, learnin, fun, and lots of cherry pie. I like helpin the orphans and workin as the flower girl too. SkyFlare The Echelon, Flower Girl, Elfie, dats me.


Vihuela has never been a prominent figure in L'Ombre; rather, most of his time in Exodus has been spent in the Northlands and the forests, exploring for ruins and practicing horticulture and sorcery at his estate in the depths of the West Transian. His appearance has changed so dramatically so many times that many do not recognize him after his long disappearances, and he would have it this way: he prefers to go unnoticed and live a secluded life. That said, he is an adept swordsman and a martial arts master, carries a historically significant sword, and wields one of the few wands of Exodus. He believes strongly that, when possessing such power, one must know when Not to wield it, and is a gentle, kind, and introspective person. He is not, however, very sociable.


I am very proud to have progressed so far in my abilities and to be honored in such a way. It feels great to know that I can be considered among some of the most powerful people to walk these lands. I will to use this crest to help further my training. This is only the beginning for me, I assure you.

I have progressed rather quickly in my abilities since I have come to this place, I thank everyone who has helped me to find the things I need, and those who have helped me to train. I would mostly like to thank, Agmundr, my true love and the reason I have pushed myself this far.

This is by far not the last time I plan to grace you all with my presence in the history books, my work is not even close to being done here.


Do you know how much blood has been spilled; how many battles won and lost; the years of work that have been put into this day, this hour, this very minute? I've worked from the dredges and lowest of ranks in my time; never the less becoming a leader and the undisputed Matriach of my God's will. I've watched my own flesh and blood die, and years of hard earned gold washed away with the very river.

I've seen worlds end and begin, civilizations crumble, lovers tear each other apart.

And yes, I can say sometimes.. I like to be the cause of it all.


When I was told I'd reached the title of "Echelon" it was nothing less than a surprise. I was quite honored to think that I was considered an equal to some of the most powerful beings to cross this land, and a bit humbled that I still had so far to go. Battle is my life, it flows through my veins coursing hotter than anything. I live for the fight, and for my family and friends without whom I am nothing. But the stronger you become the more daunting your tasks in life, and I only hope that I can live up to this title. Family and friends, thank ye all for never giving up hope for this servant of Hamish.


Having to endure much, ESP when growing up, the path before me was not easy. Having fled from the mocking in my-own village as a child, I was fortunately found & mentored by a hermit forest elf, who was of an ancient group who followed ways that are strange to most. Raised in these ways, I trained diligently, seeking knowledge & wisdom and striving to live honorably, trying to be more helpful than a burden; such are the ancient ideals. Sent out into the world, my training of youth complete, for a time finding even love, a family, settling down... all to short till cataclysm taken such true treasures away.

Time in the military service, bravely fighting as my heart led me, with my wolf companion, Kingston, at my side, veteran of many a battle. When my time of grief had passed, though allegiance to ideals rather than known religions, I began my service in the Honor Knights. Training hard, including sword, I remain still mostly focused on staff of one form or another. My driving goal remains to have & always wield the most powerful physical combat staff in the realm. The most powerful sword or weapon in general interests me not. After years, vast fortunes and from great risk & effort, that which I carry is perhaps now it. To now hone my skills to be worthy to some day use it in the return to the land once my clan's home & there, to restore the family's honor. Achieving now a crest as a step towards that day & as a to the glory of the Honor Knights.


Hiei looks to the Echelon Crest given to him from his ceremony while standing at the top of the mountain in Darkstorm. Cold wind blowing through his hair and snow dancing around him it was best place for him to be to be alone and think. At the moment as he was looking over the snow covered lands below, and other mountain tops in the distance thinking from past experiences. The past years taught him well both in battle and how to survive in life "I look forward to challenges to come." Catching a snow flake in his hand his eyes lower to it then to the landscape once more "I will die of old age one day so I will make most my life like it was winter." He shrugs as a ice Magi Priest of Lylysa his love for winter was equal to his love of gold, and his liquor of course regardless what people may know him as Rouge spell caster Ice Mage or Shadow Warlock in the end he will always be a Thief.

Nicholas Asaebond

A scroll was delivered to the undertaker as he walked down the street. The Undertaker only assumed it was meant for him and read that told him that he was recognized for his skills and receive a honor few have received the Echelon crest for his skills as a fighter.

Most people know me as undertaker others by my birth name Nicholas Asaebond. I am to receive an honor that you people recognize me as a man of great skill for my profession. It is an honor but even so I am not going to let this stop me continue my service to the Dark Lord Darckvv providing the dead to be raised to be undead soldiers or simple servants to necromancers. Mindless zombies are less rebellious than other undead races. I guess my Lord would rather have me not picky on who is damned to an existence of undead. I will safe-guard your family and friend’s remains for a funeral. I will forever be there to collect your body and put it for sale. Harvester of the dead, death merchant, undertaker, all these things described until the day my existence comes to an end. I am simply a messenger for my dark Lord.

The Undertaker

Nicholas Asaebond

I was once a lost soul when I first journeyed to these lands...no friends or family to speak of...but as time grew, I found others that shared my beliefs and reasoning...with their help and my own determination I grew stronger in my studies and physically...I eventually joined the Seraphs and became Lady Aiyanna's advisor..a feat I am most proud of...I also found the family I lacked in her Niece, Skyflare..whom I adopted as my God-Daughter.....if there is two things I haved learned in this life, its that one...it doesn't matter how strong you are physically..its the strength inside..your will and determination that leads you true....and that two...when you have nothing left..you always still have your friends and family..

While I knew I was always good at studying, I never knew I'd be famous for it.. I certainly appreciate the honor of being hailed as one of the few acknowledged individuals to be important in the churning tides of fate. I will try to take this great honor and turn it into something that I believe is more deserving of possessing such a title, aside simply reading books and playing with experiments. I'd also be hard pressed to not give the credit for me getting as far as I have to my partner, Ametrine. Without whom, I would be no more important than the most common beggar.


Like so many other things, this crest, and the power that it symbolizes, is but a stepping stone. I am not even sure why I myself am to appear among the honored; I too am a stepping stone, a temporary messenger. Attached to my person, the Echelon is nothing more than proof that the shadow of oblivion is stretching further across this land. It is only a matter of time until the life force of this world, which once strived with such open and innocent fervor toward the heavens, is ground down into dirt and nothingness, and I with it. I am almost ashamed to be included here.

But what matters my shame now? Or my honor? Or honors to come? There is only one thing that matters, but it is still flying too high to see, carried on the wings of the unfathomable...


From the desk of Tanthalus Leth Gunthar,

As I sit here thumbing through paperwork amassed over the past months, I have come across this scroll delivered to congratulate me upon my eligibility into the status of an Echelon.

Upon reply, it stated, that I would receive a crest to denote my status into this collective membership of peoples that have reached amazing heights in their skills and worldly recognition. Thus now, I write back to accept this great honor, and state that my acquisition of knowledge, skill, and charismatic leadership across Exodus has been, and will always be a pleasure; even if my way once and awhile loses pace. I promise to continue serving Exodus for the betterment of her peoples until the day that I die an old half-elf, or someone finally cuts the threads of my life.

With much thanks,

Tanthalus Leth Gunthar

First Knight

Honor Knight of Exodus


"Throughout my years among the creatures all despise or think I am useless pawn that can be so easily removed the chess board I have fought bleeding to survive without magic or help of magic to accomplish my goals only through the power of my own strength training has given me ability to crush all those stood in my way and make me more use to the Sovereign Lady VelvetLuve though this means I will gain any respect from ignorant life forms nor this securers any legacy I will leave in any foremen day I die I shall continue my work and leave behind broken bodies and continue to do what I always believed in, doing Sudanes will.

Nevaul Kincade

"Wow, lotta people." Looks down at the Echelon Crest. "OooOoOooooOoOooO. Shiney!" Clearing his throat he let his hands fall to a rest along his waist. "I was born as a normal farmboy. I had no great future mapped out for me, wasn't born of any nobility. Then a less than humble teacher crossed my path. What I learned from him allowed me to step out beyond the lands were I was destined for nothing, and everything I've garnered since then I've gotten through strength of body, spirit and mind...well a little less mind through the whole run of it. Now I've been awarded the Echelon Crest. Still though, it is but another stepping ground to my further path in life. I still shall still continue to grow, to get stronger. There are no absolute limits that one should set themselves to, only limits that they should look to break through. Those are the words of Gin, and the very words which dictate my life."

Cynric Jaeden

"I could not care less about your titles. Your attempts to justify your existence, to instill self-worth upon one another, are hopeless. No matter how many titles you earn, you will always be worthless. This world matters not compared to that which follows, and there I have secured my future by serving the Father; a feat with which your crest cannot compete. You can keep your titles, they only cheapen the blood I have spilt in the name of the Father; the power I have accumulated in His name. If I desire your crest, I will take it whenever I so desire; whether it be from you or the corpse of another recipient."

This scroll, delivered by a courier, arrived at the Echelon ceremony; explaining Cynric's absence, signed in blood.

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