Exodus Night

Orders and Knighthoods

The Order of Baaton
This order of darkness, evil a within the laws of its own order and force. This order has been strong within the lands, taking certain areas for their own. This order has grown stronger and taken for itself strategic areas of the lands, one its barracks, two the underground city. They have many legions and as evil and dark as they are, law within the order is required.
The Knighthood Headquarters VelvetAngelLuve

The Honor Knights of Exodus
The HonorKnights are here to help maintain balance within the lands of Exodus. We also strive to gain the strengh and compassion that is needed to protect the innocent people of this land and those who we hold dear to us. We except all professions with the exception of Thieves and NecroMancers. We Accept both Light and Nuetral ethics, but not those of Chaotic nature.
The Honor Knights Barracks ArchKnight Joeb Vishnu

Seraphs of Divine Order
An order of different divisions that will protect, balance, and serve justice. This is not a knighthood with ranks but an order of divided interests where all are treated equal. All must fight for one cause, balance, and justice. A neutral order, which can server a righteous cause as well as punish with the utmost of darkness. Teaching, learning, and training never stops even in times of peace.
The Seraphs of Divine Order Aiyanna