Exodus Night

Map Of Exodus

Northlands of Volkantia

The lands of Volkantia are of snow and ice. The tree leaves are tipped with crystals and when the wind blows a sound of chimes play in the lands. Trees bear fruit all year and when shipped to the south to L'Ombre they stay in their frozen state making delightful frozen drinks when processed. The snows are unusual not as cold as most northlands, and the Volkaties that lived there flourished transporting crystals and fruit produce to the southern areas of Exodus. Shards of crystals were gathered which magically coat many weapons when LordEiss settled there and began forging his weapons. Volkantia is the one area that was not devastated by the fire goddess Shanten. The Angel Winter Celestial may be seen in the crystal trees watching over the northlands. DarkStorm; owned by Aiyanna spreads over a large portion of the north lands, there are training camps and manor homes of the Seraphs of Divine Order.

The Froman Mountains

This mountain region of Exodus is indeed one of the largest sources of mining and has underground passages to the Transian Forest, The Lokian Desert, and Caverns.

The mountains appear green and lush since the fires never reached the peaks of them. They have maze like tunnels leading to the caves to the east leading to the Lokian Caverns and Desert.

Many gems and metals have been found in this region by the Exodus miners and are transported by caravan through the hidden underground passages that run along the road beside the Argus River to L'Ombre.

The dwarves call this area their home.

Transian Forest

The God of power Pernai; along with his chosen warriors once looked over these lands, but Perani met his challenge when meeting Hamish. The Transian forest was lush with trees of different varieties. The change in the appearance of the trees came when Hamish, God of strength, endurance, and power entered the Transian forest to prove his strength over the God Perani. They made the forests what they are today in Exodus. Hamish held a sword that no other man could lift, not even two men, and embedded it in a tree to test the God Perani. The sword and the tree became one, and the black sword formed into the twisted hard wood now called Bense wood found throughout the forest. Bense wood can also be found burning in the Obsidan Stone Tavern's fireplace. The magic of the power of Hamish and the stone of the fireplace create a healing effect to heal and soothe travelers. The combination of the wood and the stone does not have the power to restore life, although devastating wounds would heal slowly.

The Transian Forest is one of rare beauty, for the black knurled wood and lush red leaves are a lovely contrast to the other species of trees. Many sprites are seen in this area along with the Jabelle who love to tell stories of the fabled tree, where the sword remains until this day. The rushing of the Argus River near the forest leads weary travelers back to the road to L'Ombre. On the east side of the Transian forest there is total darkness day and night where the undead dwell...watched over by the God Darckvv. The Eastern Transian has unusual plants and wildlife, and is lands where the holy never dwell.

The Muerade Mystery Pool

Near the ocean one would find a beautiful pool with the image of the princess Tarenta, surrounded by huge dunes of sand. Until this day the face of the princess/sorceress who tries to capture warriors and travelers with her magic and lies can be seen when looking in the Muerde Pool. Long ago she lied, telling false tales and giving wrong directions capturing many a warrior and dragging them down to their death.

The goddess of water Aquarao contains the princess/sorceress Tarenta by placing her in this pool with her powers. Yet she still has not found the power to silence her lies and directions, but princess/sorceress Tarenta finds it more difficult to drag passing journeymen to their death. Looking in the blue waters the reflection of the princess face can be very beautiful but....Beware!

The Lokian Caverns and Desert

Lokian Caverns begin at the base of the Froman Mountains and are in the east. There is a winding passage that forks into the underground passage from the mountainous region.

Here you will find unusual beauty, a mirage along the cavern walls of paintings done by the Volkaties of the first inhabitants of the land of Exodus Night.

The cavern walls are spectacular and the art that was etched upon them tell stories of the lands. There are pictures of all sizes and shapes of the dragons once found in Exodus.

Every species of the dragons are drawn in detail and portrayed in colors that show the details of the past creatures that inhabited the world. As one continues through this passage they are brought out upon the golden sands and hot desert of the Lokian Desert .

The heat in the desert can be so extreme, some of the homes are actually inside the caverns to seek shelter from the intense sun.

The Lokian desert's druids seem to appear like a mirage as you travel this sandy land. A legend lingers till this day that Shanten may have resided here and still looks over the inhabitants of these lands.

In one of the largest caverns you will find the Order of the Baaton Barracks, as well as the fabled dragon lairs.

Argus River

As the sun shines upon the Volkantia northlands of Exodus there is a melt down effect sending an everlasting supply of water to the Argus River . This river flows along side the Transian forests and then to L'Ombre and into the Sembyrn Waterfalls. The water is sparkling clear and the rocks that line the river seem to enhance the clarity of it. The Argus River has a plentiful supply of fish and flows in a direct route to the southern portion of Exodus, to L'Ombre. The river is used for transporting since it can be easily accessed from any region. There is a difference in the waters when hitting just north of L'Ombre caused by the volcanic eruption that happened when Shanten wreaked her havoc on the lands. This has made the waters bubble aqua and are it is sweet to taste. It is not unlikely one would see passing ships taking cargo from all regions to the capitol of Exodus, L'Ombre.


L'Ombre is the capital of Exodus and here you will find the most populated area within the lands of Exodus. The western portion of L'Ombre is where the steadily growing village is, the town hall, library, bank, and shoppes.

This portion of Exodus is plentiful with crushed lava collected from the volcanic areas, and from the fires Shanten created.

The red grasses are a symbol of the damage the Goddess of fire Shanten did.

There is an abundance of obsidian stone, which was used to build the Obsidian Stone Tavern. Merry Met Stables is on the border since the Malakian stallions can only be bred in the volcanic areas, the rest of the stables sits on the lush area of grass fields.

You will find a road "RenvoyerRd." that leads from the village to the "Obsidian Stone Tavern." Directly beside the tavern to the east there is a huge waterfalls of aqua water running, right alongside it "Sembryn Waterfalls."

The Obsidian Tavern

Many races that roam Exodus will hear the loud sounds of joyous music, and gatherings. With the curiosity that overwhelms your mind, you find yourself looking at the marvelous structure of the Obsidian Tavern. As the name implies, this great tavern is solely built out of obsidian stone and is one of the finer structures found throughout L'Ombre. There are hidden passages that go underground, that can bring travelers to different areas of the world.

The tavern is located in the mid southeast corner of the mainland and is situated right next to Sembryn Falls which always bring a crystal clean smell to the air, and the relaxing sound of water. Sembryn Falls forms a lovely deep pool to the right of the tavern and down a hill. There is no better place in the world of Exodus for relaxation and to catch up with friends, while enjoying the entertainment of bards.

The Fort of Sharnam

The Fort of Sharnam has yet to been adventured through. There is a fable that those who have traveled there do no return. Who lives there no one knows, but it can be seen from the Nephari Island. Someday an adventurer may return alive to tell what is there. As far as anyone has seen the fort has an engraved sign within the gate to turn back or die.

This mysterious fort has a mist that is green and it is seen flowing upwards from the sands that surround the island. Alchemists have tried to capture the mist and bottle it, but they have been found dead with bottle in hand. It is said this fort is cursed, but yet none have been able to enter it to explore why.

Shank Jungle

Shank Jungle located on the island of Sharnam. Until recently no one has passed through this island. Upon entering the plant life is alive, and the creatures guard the northern tip ferociously. The northern tip is humid and hot, as sounds of the jungle announce any intruder. It is a very long trip to get to walking from the southern area. Deep green vines wind around this portion of the island almost gate like, and to get through this gate the creatures might fight the intruder viciously. Upon entering it, you find more life forms in odd animal or creature form, and they kill with mighty weapons created from odd rocks where vicious birds inhabit and feed.

The Asin Ocean

The Asin Ocean is in the western region of the lands of Exodus; this body of salt water is wondrous with a brilliance of a turquoise color.

The water Goddess Aquarao watches the beaches and has guided travelers with special care along the large salt-water ocean. Inhabitants building homes here find peacefulness as the sound of the waves lull one with peace and protection.

Many tropical birds and different species of animals can be seen here. The Asin Ocean is the main transport waterway of the western region.

Traveling these waters you will see the Island of Nephari. This island is dark and mysterious and has jungle like foliage, and the complete opposite of what one would expect to find near the goddess of water Aquarao. Standing high with startling darkness you can see the Island Nephari's tower where the Lord of the Fonce`Diables dwells, and the area the plague like virus of this race originated.

There is a golden tower upon the beaches of the Asin Ocean , no one has found it yet, but it is said that the God Chandel shines down upon it making the sands appear gold. This tower is a refuge for all, even the those of darkness.

The Vermillion Sea

On the east shore is the Vermillion Sea . You will find a large export and import area here, in fact the underground city of the Baaton, Pyra Metros projects out to this port. On the North East portion you will find the magical island of Diridian and there are enchanted foot prints where one could walk on top of the water to access this island.

Varni Dwarven Village

The dwarven village echos from the base of the Froman mountains, you can hear them before approaching Varni. Mining and exploring this mountainous region, dwarves are found busy with new explorations everyday. This has been a hard task since this village has few inhabitants. They are slowly building and adventuring in their claimed region.

Gernas Mining Center

The Froman Mountains have been known to hold some of the most precious metals. As of now the mining is at a minimum, but you will eventually see this area expanding as different metals are being discovered. There is a small mine in the center lower portion of this mountainous region, still very underdeveloped.

Town of Hernai (High Council of the Elves)

There is a huge forest where many of the elves live, and dark elves live in the underground. This village is called Hernai. The high council of elves reign here. This isn't a society of regality, but these chosen elves advise and help any coming to them. They also watch over this rather large village since most of the elves enjoy dwelling in the forests and nature.You will find a huge double sided staircase with a balancing scale in the middle. It is was constructed to keep the balance of peace in Hernai, after the long War of Hernai. This was built by the Divine Order of the Seraphs.

Novalis Enchanted Tower of Darkness

This tower is made of pure black moss stone and exudes darkness and evil, the lands around this tower have been known to swallow bodies alive. Novalis powers being the devil lord of the lands have grown as he slowly ages into adulthood. There is no mistaking the devil lord or his mother VelvetLuve's purpose, they want to dominate and control the entire world.

Ecle`Red is a red, runic shape found upon the Vermillion Ocean. The creatures that dwell there are formed with scales and look a bit like seahorses with arms and legs, the males are a dark aqua with long flowing hair, and the femaleís colors range from light to dark magenta. The Ecle`Red domain canít be entered by anyone without the LíOmbre sword, which is a rare ancient item. The Ecle`Red creatures are friendly, but are very protective over their domain. They can not survive out of their domain.

UnderWorld Region

The region of demons is never disclosed, one may feel their presence traveling through the lands. You would be surprised by the lengthily winding area that captures the underworld, yet only they know where this region is.

Eastern Volcanic Region

Exodus Nightís burial tradition is to place the body into a volcanic pit which is located to the northeast of LíOmbre. This volcanic area also houses rare horses, the Malakian breed, as well as a lava stone stable. Food or people inhabiting this area are unlikely for nothing but rock and fire is there.


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