Exodus Night

We are announcing the game is now changing to a forum game and xp and gp will be rewarded just as it was on IRC.sarkarts.com which I closed last evening since it was too extensive for me to care for in Acridian's absence. The game is certainly not closed, and this might be more convenient for players who work and have families, to post in their own free time, rather than hunt for their fellow rplayer to play live on IRC at the same time. This should please players that don't have the time to be on to play 1-1 on IRC and soon we will be adding a blog site for players for stories and poems. We encourage players to use the forum and you will gain xp and gp just as you did on IRC. Our staff will be checking the forum daily to send in xp and gp for those posting their rp so you still can gain levels. Many thanks, IceSC