Exodus Night

Portals of Exodus
Baaton's Underground City

A large tower made of crimson stone sits at the city's center, looming over the smaller buildings that make up Pyra Metros' residential and commercial zones. Powerful magics are employed around the clock to create environmental effects within the city, whether it be the illusion of a perfect summer day or a rainy spring. In fact, the false sky makes it hard to believe the city is more than three hundred feet underground. The city itself is a perfect circle, surrounded by thirty foot walls with a small fort at the North, South, East and West entrances; each individual fort housing a small two-way portal connected to four different regions in Exodus.

The Northern fort houses a portal connected to the Western Transian forest, while the Southern fort guards the portal into L`Ombre. In the Western fort sentries guard the portal into the Lokian's desert sands, while the heavily guarded Eastern fort protects the portal into Darkstorm. At any time each portal supports the travel of up to three individuals, all of which are processed by Baaton soldiers before being allowed into the city.

Pyra Metros may also be reached by land and sea, with a massive harbor connecting to the Vermillian Sea through a series of winding underground waterways; routinely patrolled by Baaton ships under the Knight Admiral's watch. The harbor is quickly becoming Exodus' busiest port, with a massive fort looming over the docks to supervise the movement of cargo in and out of the city. If you wish to travel by land, several tunnels throughout the land connect with the underground city. The tunnels open just outside the city's outer-walls, looking much like the spokes of a wheel as they shoot off in every direction.

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