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Rules of the Tavern

1. Freeform role-play, ffrp: Is allowed that means other characters besides game generator races can play in the tavern but it must be in era and according to Exodus Night's storyline. Please respect the players earned titles and levels, even in ffrp.

2. NPCs are allowed to play, but no Gods are to be seen, only felt and worshiped.

3. Fights are allowed if both parties consent to role-play this. This means no mode fighting, or literally destroying the tavern. No, see it so fights, or confirmed deaths. No slash and hack characters near you. Do not explode, burn, or destroy the tavern. When it comes to this point in fighting take it outside the tavern, or to #ExodusNightArena, or #ExodusNightLands. It isn't logical that fireballs being cast inside the tavern would not destroy the tavern, along with everyone in it. If this happens you would be asked by a SC to go outside the tavern or to #ExodusNightLands for free form, and #ExodusNightArena for dice. The tavern shall not be destroyed. You must fight with localized magic directed to your opponent not hitting everyone near them, or a sword/weapon is allowed. The Selected Council has the right to ask the person you are fighting if they have consented to this fight/death. You may not kill a person who joins in to save the person in role-play, only the person who has consented to this fight/death.

If the character has not consented, and the fight is moding without an attempt or try; you will be considered moding and asked to stop, or be kicked/banned. We stress if there is a consented death by you the character; your character is dead and erased on the generator. If this is a permanent death/fight with no resurrection, the character will be removed from the generator and not be returned to the generator again with items listed. You will be listed as deceased or have to start at level one as that character's name again. A Selected Council must be there to witness this, and send in your character name to be removed. We will not allow character deaths in role-play where they are repeatedly asking for resurrecting. Remember you the player control your character, and to be repeatedly killed and resurrected is ludicrous even in a story line. Be wise in your story lines, and think them out clearly before accepting a fight/death.

Sparring and death duels are taken to #ExodusNightArena. Please read death duel rules below, this does not pertain to free form role play story lines, this pertains to the player wanting to use dice and permanently be deleted from the data base in the case of death.

4. The F and C words or any sexual innuendo swear word is not allowed. I am sure you all know the words referred to. Swearing at a minimum is allowed.

5. When a character enters the tavern that is not known to you, there will be no immediate greetings to this person. You must stress yourself in an introduction to that person, IC (in character), before continuing to role-play.

6. DO NOT take personal hard feelings out on a person when role-playing, a villain is fine, but never role-play your dislike in real life towards a character. This also goes for the game, do not take personal problems out by dissing the game with your in character role-play.

7. Colors ARE allowed but no pop-ups like Police cars and soda commercials.

8. OOC Out of character chat that is not role-play is directed to #ExodusNightOOC. All rules pertain to this room as well.

9. Child characters are allowed but never taken to the ExodusNightQuests or ExodusNightArena without being escorted. If they are in the tavern unescorted and under fourteen, they would not be able to kill nor is any character able to without heeding the rules. They would be left vulnerable to what ever happens to them according to the rules. Be aware a child character is a privilege to play, and are to be realistically played.

10. Never does one refer to their character as a level please use appropriate titles for such but never level 1 - 10 ect. Titles are listed on the profession page.

11. Please be courteous to the SC = Selected Council Hosts or anyone from the server irc.SarkyArts.com. Remember they are dedicating their time to entertain you,

12. This is not a flirt room, it is a Role Playing Room. Keep this fantasy/medieval based, and do not engage in explicit sexual activities in the room. Remember the time period, and open discussion of different sexual preferences was not done, nor do we allow rapes or S & M in the game. There are no slaves in Exodus!

13. Please refrain from using the names of other games, we ask you to refer to them as " Another World."

14. Do not use any innuendos of doing or using drugs.

15. Stalking is considered knowing the person in real life and private messaging them, and not telling your identity. This is never allowed.

16. Be forewarned any harassment to the owner or hosts could lead to the deletion of your characters.

17. Death Duels must be agreed upon by both parties. Each person must submit a request by email to ExodusNightCentral@yahoo.com one week before the death duel. A Selected Council member must be there and oversee any death duel. This does not pertain to ffrp players who are not registered on the character generator.

18. Updates on character pages for items and xp, are done as soon as possible but none are done on the weekend. Please be patient. Trades or sales are limited to 3 per week.

19. Lurking in the room and being another game op is frowned upon, and you may be asked to leave.

20. Advertising other games and servers is not allowed.

21. Players are expected to follow the common rules of decency. As civilized human beings of the 21st century, you should know what it means to be decent. This means no vomiting on other characters for kicks, no urinating in public places, any flashing, and etc. This is not a forum to behave in any indecent manner."

22. Please speak in the English language only, if using a foreign language which would only be short spurts of words for a spell, full translation is necessary after it. We discourage drow and elven without full translation, and we must be given the site to translate your words so we are sure what your really saying.

New Mature Rating rules:More Mature role-play is allowed. This doesnít mean vulgar or open sexual acts are permitted in any of the Exodus Night rooms. This does not mean you can use vulgar words describing sexual parts.

This does mean tasteful erotic language can be used, such as a woman having voluptuous breasts and cleavage. Another example would be tasteful erotic scenes of passionate embraces. No open sexual intercourse would be allowed. All other language rules remain the same.

Violence: Its fantasy medieval role-play which means there are fights, spars, wars, even death challenges. This has been and always will be allowed. In other words, blood and gore is allowed. Always has been. You can be descriptive about it just donít randomly start ripping out lungs for shock effect. Make sure you have a purpose and make your character have a background story for it.

Server rules are the same as our OOC rules, do not solicit people to go outside the game rooms to talk about things not allowed by this game, or the server irc.SarkyArts.com

Most important enjoy yourself. Remember the most beautiful picture, is the one painted with words

OOC Rules

The out of character room is for this purpose. It is to be used for discussing story-lines and settings with other players, asking for help in using dice, asking for a salesperson in any of the shops to do a transaction for you, and for asking any game related questions. Please feel free to chat, but remember your here to role-play as well.

You may see staff idling, that doesnít mean characters can idle sorry. The staff is usually working on game related things or are there in case people need help. It is not up to the player to assume they are idling and follow suit.

OOC Manners; Please donít assume you can just pm someone on staff anytime you want. Ask in the ooc room if you may pm them first, ď beforeĒ doing so. Sometimes they are behind multiple windows working, or trying to role-play and enjoy themselves too. Be courteous to players, and always ask in the main room if you may private message them before doing so.

Disallowed things in OOC:

This is not a room to discuss religion, race or sexual preferences, or any political beliefs. Donít even try and use the excuse of people having free speech, this is a private forum. Private forums have their rights to enforce their own rules.

You are not to use it as a place to lurk which means (sitting and not speaking, unless youíre on staff).

Speaking of other games unless they are video games is not allowed. The room was made for this rpg game, take advantage of the room for this purpose.

Do not private message players for their Instant Message Id's or emails or sit in the ooc room to copy and paste information and rp to your IM friends. Use the room for its purpose to rp and enjoy the gameÖit was made for you to enjoy. We donít need trouble makers here, if you like a game that is the reason you are there. Nor do we need you sitting there silent and in peopleís pm littering them with your griping and complaints.

Questing Rules

Important Changes, Reminders, and Clarifications for Players
1. Certain soak caps have been lowered and the method by which sources of damage with more than one type of damage are soaked has been clarified. See sections 4 and 5 of Combat Rules for more information.
2. Item and stat caps have been clarified.
3. Critical hit/miss rules are the same in duels and quests now and have been simplified. See section 6 of Combat Rules for more information.
4. Spells no longer take 2 rounds to cast in duels, but still have their effect halved. See section 8 of Combat Rules for more information.
5. Lightning spells and weapons Do Not do double damage against metal armor and they never have.

Event Etiquette
1. Please keep OOC chatter to a minimum and limit it to the OOC room rather than the quest room. Persistent OOC may result in -5xp, and excessive OOC may even result in 0xp for the event.
2. Excellent RP is rewarded with xp bonuses.
3. Players helping others who come in late receive a 5xp bonus.
4. Players who "solve a quest" (if applicable) may receive a 5xp bonus.
5. No in-party-thievery unless announced before quest and no thievery of an item already taken by another quester. When stealing something out in the open like silverware from a table, the thief makes a DEX roll with a bonus equal to their level. If they fail the roll, anyone can notice them taking the item. Anyone who would care that the item is being stolen makes a wisdom roll to see if they notice. If the wisdom roll is higher than the thief check, they notice the thief stealing the item.
6. Please try to role-play your character's actions rather than simply announcing them. Saying things like "Lord Brumley takes all the treasure before the others can" at the first sight of gold will likely result in angry players and redistribution of loot by the Host.

Forged and Enchanted items

Any magic-using NPC can enchant an item for a price. Not all enchantments will be approved and the price will not always remain constant: heavily enchanted items may increase in price exponentially, as is much more difficult to pack multiple enchantments into the same item than it is to place a single one on it. Most forge orders, if they conform to the guidelines on the Ruskin Forge page, will eventually be approved (although they may need tweaking).

Some unconventional weapons Can be forged, as can certain features not outlined on the forge page, but they will be subject to the same sort of approval as an enchantment and will probably have a much higher cost than a basic forged item. Enchanted items or ones with several features may have level requirements not listed on the forge page if they are deemed too powerful for low-level wielders. Email all requests to ExodusNightCentral@yahoo.com for approval.

No weapon may have a base damage higher than d15 or more than +15 damage. Exceptions include a mythril weapon's bonus damage against lycanthes or an energy weapon's +damage, which are conditional damage rather than default damage. Buying unsoakable damage for a weapon is an expensive, unpleasant process that may be denied.

No single item may have more than +15% to evade or to hit. Overall item bonuses to evade and to hit may not exceed 30%. No single item may have more than +15 to spells or more than 4 gem inlays.


No more than four per week per character can be made. Step one: Role-play this out with a playing character first and then via email to IceSC. No enchantments will be received as a transaction. The game is role-play, and this is how it shall be done, then approved ooc via email to Exodusnightcentral@yahoo.com This does not mean a one line request walking up to a mage asking. We want you to have more fun by role-playing a storyline, bartering or paying a fellow character.

Combat Rules
1. Order of Actions
2. Attacking
3. Evading
4. Soaking and Results of Taking Damage
5. Types of Soak (Physical, Magical, Ethical, Elemental)
6. Criticals
7. Spellcasting
8. Duel Rules
9. Stat Caps and Tables

1. Order of Actions

At the beginning of a fight all combatants roll initiative on a d12. The lowest roll goes first, performing a combat action. A combat action may be a spell or an attack or a similar ability. An attack, if it hits, may provoke an evade, and an evade may require a soak. A spell will probably require a soak. After these actions are complete, the combatant with the next lowest initiative roll takes their turn until all participants have had a turn, and then a new round begins and the sequence repeats in the same order as before.

2. Attacking

All characters have a to-hit stat (see below) that rises with their level. Certain professions have bonuses or penalties to this stat and certain skills and items can improve this stat. No character may have more than 90% to hit. To attack roll a d100 and describe the attack.

If the result higher than your to-hit% your attack misses; otherwise, the target may now attempt to evade your attack (see below: Evading). The only exceptions are critical hits and misses (see below:Criticals)

If you have the dual attack skill you may make two attack rolls per round at the same time. If you have the dual wield and are wielding two weapons you must specify which weapon you are attacking with. If you have both skills you may attack with a single weapon twice or you may attack with each weapon once.

Example of single attack:roll d100 vs. 45% to hit: Sir Brumsley swings his sword at the rabid pigeon.

Example of dual attack with a single weapon:roll 2#d100 vs. 45% to hit: Sir Brumsley swings his sword recklessly at the filthy pigeon, flailing back and forth and belting out a drunken war chant.

Special: Called Shots. A called shot is when you attempt to perform a specific action with your weapon, such as sever a limb (if you have a severing weapon), disarm an enemy, or try to shoot a dragon in the eye with your bow. All called shots suffer -20% to hit and typically do not do extra damage except at the host's discretion. Hosts might impose even harsher penalties if they deem the called shot particularly difficult.

3. Evading:

You can evade any number of attacks per round. All characters have an evade stat (see below) that rises with their level. Certain professions have bonuses or penalties to this stat and certain skills and items can improve this stat. No character may have more than 90% evade. To evade a successful attack roll a d100. If the result is equal to or lower than your evade% you evade the attack and take no damage; otherwise, you are hit and would proceed to soak the damage (if applicable). See the Criticals section below for some exceptions.

Example of evading an attack:roll d100 vs. 30% evade: Sir Brumsley sluggishly ducks away from the angry pigeon, stumbling to the side and belching.

Special: Guarding. If a comrade fails an evade roll, once a round you may attempt to take the damage for them by making a dexterity check. If you succeed, you take damage instead of them.

4. Soaking and Results of Taking Damage

If you are hit with an attack of almost any sort, you may soak (reduce) damage if you have the equipment or natural ability to do so, but All attacks that hit do at least one damage. Soak stats are treated a little differently than others for dice reasons. For example: if you have 30% soak the damage will be reduced by 30%, therefore leaving 70% of the damage, so you will have to calculate the amount of damage you take instead of how much you reduce. Therefore, a simple soak command for ENdice looks like this:math [damage]*.[100 minus soak]

Don't forget to remove the brackets and replace the "100 minus soak" with the appropriate value, but remember to leave the decimal place where it is (this applies for the following examples too). The result tells you how much damage your character takes. An example command for a character with 30% soak taking 20 damage from an attack:math 20*.70

If your hit points are reduced to 0 or below you fall unconscious. If your character's hit points are reduced below -10 they die. Prices for resurrection are found at the bottom of the page.

5. Types of Soak

There are four types of soak: physical, magical, ethical, and elemental. If a source of damage belongs to more than one category of soak, each soak is applied separately rather than adding them together. For example, if taking damage from a fire sword you would first apply your physical soak and then your elemental soak. The values can be chained in a single ENdice command, and might look something like this:

math [damage]*.[100 minus physical soak]*.[100 minus elemental soak] Or, assuming you had 30% of one soak and 20% of another and were taking 24 damage:math 24*.70*.80

Therefore it becomes clear that a weapon that deals damage of every variety (physical, elemental, and ethical) is also subject to soaks of every variety. A specialized weapon may be very effective against those it targets (i.e., a holy fire weapon would be very good against unholy ice creatures) but loses some of its usefulness against more generic targets.

Layering Armor: For soaking purposes, players are limited as to the number of items they may wear. Players may only wear 1 layer of clothing per slot, with the exception of the chest, which is allotted 2 slots. For example, feet, wrists, legs, hands, and head may only be shielded by 1 item. The chest, however, may have a vest and a cloak/robe/coat, or a chestplate and a cloak/robe/coat, but not all 3.

Physical soak: This is usually provided by armor and soaks damage from weapons, unarmed attacks, and things like that. There is a 70% cap on physical soak. If a weapon's damage is elemental it is still weapon damage and is still covered by physical soak. (Note that if a weapon says something like "d6+6 fire damage +4 lightning damage" then only the d6+6 is soakable by physical soak because the +4 is purely elemental damage.)

Magical soak: This is often provided through inlays and enchanted items. Magic soak prevents effects from all forms of spells, be it divine, arcane, generic, elemental, or ethical. It will even reduce the effect of a status altering spell, such as one that reduces your evade. It does not, however, soak elemental damage from weapons because those are not spells. There is 50% cap on magic soak.

Ethical soak: Some attacks and spells may do light/holy, neutral, or dark/unholy damage. Ethical soak prevents damage from ALL sources of damage of the proper ethic, whether it is from a weapon or a spell. All characters have an automatic 50% soak for their own ethic that is applied separately from any other soak they may have for that ethic. For example, a dark character with 25% dark soak from an item would soak 50% and then 25% (i.e., "math [damage]*.75*.50") rather than adding 25+50 and soaking 75% ("math [damage]*.25"). There is a 50% cap on ethics soak that does not include the default 50%: a dark character could, therefore, have 50% dark soak from items (and would soak 50% and then 50% - not 100%).

Remember that light characters take 2x damage from dark ethics (and vice versa) and 1.5x damage from neutral ethics, and neutral characters take x1.25 damage from light and dark ethics.

Elemental soak: Some attacks and spells may do elemental damage. Elemental soak prevents damage from All elemental forms of damage, whether it is an elemental spell, elemental weapon damage, or an elemental's special attack. Specific elemental soaks (such as "10% fire soak") only soak that specific element. Weapon damage deserves special attention. For example, the weapon from the example above deals "d6+6 fire damage +4 lightning damage" is all elemental damage. The weapon's damage (d6+6 fire) would be soaked by physical soak and then elemental soak, and then the +4 lightning damage would be soaked separately by only the elemental soak.

The command for such an example would be in two posts and would look something like this:

math [d6+6 damage]*.[100 minus physical soak]*.[100 minus elemental soak]

math [4 lightning damage]*.[100 minus elemental soak]

There is a 50% cap on applicable elemental soaks; i.e., you can add generic and specific elemental soaks to soak specific elements, but if the result is higher than 50% you still only soak 50% of the attack.

(For example, if you had 30% elemental soak and an additional 30% fire soak and wanted to soak a fire attack, you would still only have 50% elemental soak overall even though the stats add up to 60%.)

Remember that elementals are always immune to their own element.

6. Critical Rolls

Attack rolls of 1-3 and evade rolls of 98-100 result in a critical hit against the evader/defender. Critical hits do cannot be evaded or soaked. Attack rolls of 1 and evade rolls of 100 also do double damage. Attack rolls of 98-100 and evade rolls of 1-3 result in a critical hit against the attacker. Critical hits do cannot be evaded or soaked. Attack rolls of 100 and evade rolls of 1 also do double damage.

7. Spellcasting

Certain classes can cast spells. See the Profession page and the Mages and Clerics page to find out what kind of spells your character can cast, if any. Your profession and level usually determine spell effect. Spell bonuses can be obtained from items, skills, and certain professions gain bonuses as their level rises. A character's spell bonuses (the value after the +, i.e., the 4 in 5d5+4) may not exceed 2X their casting level. A host may disallow a spell at any time if it is deemed too powerful or inappropriate.

Special: Channelling. Some items can channel certain elements or ethics of spells. If you have the ability to cast that ethic or element you can channel spells through the item to increase the power of your spells if it is wielded or equipped. Most channeling items will give you an extra d?+1 where the ? is your profession's base spell-casting die (5 for mages, 4 for clerics, etc.). You cannot channel more than +4d?+4 at any time, and the spell bonus counts toward your 2X level limit.

Special: Charging. You may forfeit a round to charge a spell to do 2X effect, or forfeit 2 rounds to charge a spell to do 3X effect. Therefore, 1 round spells do 1X effect, 2 round spells do 2X effect, and 3 round spells do 3X effect. The spell's effect Always occurs in the final round of casting and may be damage, healing, status alteration, or whatever you are allowed to cast. If you are the target of a spell or attack while you are charging a spell, you must roll an intelligence (mages/sorcerers/necromancers) or wisdom (clerics/shamans/paladins) check to maintain the spell. If you fall the check the spell is lost. You cannot charge spells in duels.

Special: Multiple Targets. If a spell has more than one target, divide the result of the spell's resulting roll by the number of targets. Each target receives the same fraction of spell effect. Spells CAN be engineered to divide their effects unequally among targets, but the overall effect still cannot be greater than a normal single-target spell and the effect distribution must be declared before dice are rolled.

8. Poison Rules

First, poison as a result of spells/prayers is subject to the same free-form rules as other spells. It has to be with reason, meaning we're not going to allow full lvld5 poison per round, for example.

Second, poisons do not stack. Only the "deadliest poison" does damage; even if the poisons are from two different players.

As for cleansing, for spells/prayers the cleric must be 2 levels above the caster. Any cleric above level 3 can cleanse weapon poisons. This counts as a turn.

In quests, players get a constitution check to see if the poison is applied. But stat checks are not allowed in duels.

9. Duel Rules

In a duel, spells do half damage and cannot be charged. Healing spells, items, regeneration, and spells/items/abilities that reduce an enemy's stats (such as evade, to-hit, dexterity, speed, etc) are normally not allowed in duels, but may be used if ALL participants unanimously agree to them BEFORE the duel starts. However, if the duel is in a hosted event, the host may choose to disallow them before the duel starts, regardless of what the players want.

10. Stat Caps and Tables

See Forged and Enchanted Items (above) for other item caps.
To-hit and evade: 90% each
Maximum combined to-hit and evade bonuses from items: 30%
Physical soak: 70%
Magical/Ethical/Elemental soaks: 50% each
Maximum regeneration from items: 4hp/round
Spells: max +4d?+4 from channeling, max +(2xLvl) bonuses, max 3x charge
Ability scores may not be higher than 22, with the exception of Intelligence for a Mentalist or special host-approved cases (such as a Knight using their temporary Lvl7 strength boosting ability). Stat bonuses (strength for melee attacks, dexterity for evade, constitution for HP, and intelligence/wisdom/charisma for certain types of spells) are equal to (your ability score)-15, but the maximum bonus granted from a high ability score is +4.

To-Hits and Evades:
Level 1 = 35% to hit, 15% to evade
Level 2 = 35% to hit, 20% to evade
Level 3 = 40% to hit, 20% to evade
Level 4 = 40% to hit, 25% to evade
Level 5 = 45% to hit, 25% to evade
Level 6 = 45% to hit, 30% to evade
Level 7 = 50% to hit, 30% to evade
Level 8 = 50% to hit, 35% to evade
Level 9 = 55% to hit, 35% to evade
Level 10 = 55% to hit,40 % to evade
Level 11 = 60% to hit, 40% to evade
Level 12 = 60% to hit, 45% to evade
Level 13 = 65% to hit, 45% to evade
Level 14 = 65% to hit, 50% to evade
Level 15 = 70% to hit, 50% to evade
Level 16 = 70% to hit, 55% to evade
Level 17 = 75% to hit, 55% to evade
Level 18 = 75% to hit, 60% to evade
Level 19 = 80% to hit, 60% to evade
Level 20 = 80% to hit, 65% to evade
Level 21 = 85% to hit, 65% to evade
Level 22 = 85% to hit, 70% to evade
Level 23 = 90% to hit, 70% to evade
Level 24 = 90% to hit, 75% to evade
Level 25 = 90% to hit, 75% to evade
Level 26 = 90% to hit, 80% to evade
Level 27 = 90% to hit, 80% to evade
Level 28 = 90% to hit, 85% to evade
Level 29 = 90% to hit, 85% to evade
Level 30 = 90% to hit, 90% to evade

XP/Level chart:
Lvl1 = 0xp
Lvl2 = 100xp
Lvl3 = 200xp
Lvl4 = 400xp
Lvl5 = 600xp
Lvl6 = 900xp
Lvl7 = 1200xp
Lvl8 = 1600xp
Lvl9 = 2600xp
Lvl10 = 3600xp
Levels 11-15 = 2000xp per level
Levels 16-20 = 3000xp per level
Levels 20+ = 4000xp per level

Resurrection costs:
If your character dies, they may be resurrected by a magic-using NPC for a price.
Level 1: 200 gp
Level 2: 400 gp
Level 4: 600 gp
Level 5: 1000 gp
Level 6: 2000 gp
Level 7: 3000 gp
Level 8: 4000 gp
Level 9: 6000 gp
Level 10+: 8000 gp
Don't forget to check the message board for specific game questions under the heading, Game Questions Answered. There are additions added there periodically.

Copyrighted to Exodus Night United States of America. © Barbara Williams All material on this site and existing pages are strictly copyright with all rights reserved. Failure to abide will result in prosecution.