Exodus Night

Exodus Night Skills

Skills you do not have and would like to add to your character may be obtained by practice in the ExodusNightArena, either by having a SC log you practicing or with a character mentor already knowing the skill. All training hours must be logged and sent to ExodusNightCentral@yahoo.com

When your hours are completed the skill is added to your character sheet. Most training is role-played in #ExodusNightArena. You may ask a SC to be present and log your rp. Hours required for each skill are below each skill. The three additional skills mentalist receive are not on the generator.

Mentalist skills are listed under mentalist on the profession page. Please email ExodusNightCentral@Yahoo.com with your choice of three skills "If" you chose mentalist for a class/profession.

Advanced Alchemy
This skill is only gained if you have alchemy. It enhances your alchemy skill to allow a better chance of success. (+1 to all alchemy rolls) (10hrs. required)
This is the skill of using and determining chemicals. Not necessarily creating but being able to classify and categorize them. (10hrs. required)
Ancient History
This skill allows one that is fluent in history to better understand the history dated back to befoe they were born. (+1 to historical checks) (10hrs. required)
Animal Kinship
This skill allows one to depict the kinds of animal life that lives in specific areas, as well as, allows the bearer to befriend them. (5hrs. required)
This skill allows the bearer to decipher the value of items. This skill doesn't rectify exact values, but you may come close to the actual value. (10hrs. required)
This skill allows one to become familiar to the use of bows and crossbows. This only helps to familiarize yourselves with the distance aspects and usage of the bow. Not necessarily marksmanship.- +1% to hit with bow weapons. (5hrs. required)
Battle Sense
This skill allows one to understand battling to a point of where reflexive actions are capable of being used when it is a surprise situation. (+1 to checks against surprises) (5hrs. required)
This skill allows one to fix armor, weapons, or items that have been slightly damaged due to wear and tear of normal usage.(10hrs.required, but as of now their is only one master smith)
Blunt Weaponry
This is the skill of knowing how and where to hit with weapons such as staves, hammers, and etc.+1% to hit with blunt weapons (ie staves, warhammers and clubs)(5hrs. required)
This is the art and skill of persuasion. Many use this skill as a way to deceive others with flashy words or good looks. (5hrs. required)
This skill helps one to climb in general. Use of this skill does not simply allow climbing, but it does allow better chance of succession. Results in +1 to stat roll check. If player was trying to climb something, and has to roll dexterity, they would get +1 to Dex check due to climbing skill. (5hrs. required)
This skill allows one to make light of dangerous and trivial moments through the art of comical intervention, with actions or words. (5hrs required)
The skill of cooking may not be seen as one of grandeur. Though, use of this skill allows one to prepare a hunted animal for food, or make something to eat so many wouldn't starve if stuck in the wilderness. (5hrs. required)
Direction Sense
This skill allows one to denote which direction they are currently traveling. Doing thus by the alignments of the stars, sun, and natural structures. (5hrs. required)
Dual Attack
This skill allows one to double their attacks per round. Making it twice as likely to hit and enemy. This skill allows you to make one extra attack per round. (10hrs. required)
Dual Steal
This is a skill that allows thieves to enhance their chances of thieving by moving fast enough to try to steal twice. (10hrs. required)
Dual Weaponry
This is the skill of using two weapons at once in a battle. This skill helps to make it possible to use two weapons at once that are light enough to do so. This allows you to wield two single-handed weapons (one in each hand)( 10hrs. required)
Enhanced Casting
This skill acknowledges the mage to understand magic to the point of inflicting extra damage or effects (+1 to the effect of the spell). (5hrs. required)
Enhanced Prayers
This skill is one that gives clerics a better understanding on the ways prayers can work. The effects are bonuses to them. (+1 to the effect of the prayer) (5hrs. required)
This allows one to mimic a written document by looking it over and passing it off as the original document.(5hrs. required)
This skill helps one to understand defensive techniques better. Allowing a better chance at guarding another. (+1 to Guard Attempts) (5hrs. required)
Healing: Any class can learn this skill. By making use of the healing skill and a healer's kit (available for purchase from Mystical Potions, a character can tend to another person's wounds to heal a moderate amount of damage. (To use the skill on yourself, you must still have at least 10% of your max HP remaining.) The amount of damage healed is equal to d4+(your wisdom bonus). A character may only recover hit points this way once per day. Note that tending to wounds is not a quick process, and can take several minutes! Any characters using the healing skill in combat (or being healed by it) cannot participate in the rest of the fight without abandoning the healing process, but they can still be attacked unless measures are taken beforehand to ensure their safety. (5hrs. required)
This is the skill used to categorize the various plants of the Exodus. As well as understand the uses of the plant.(5hrs. required)
The skill of understanding and acknowledging many of the historical events, artifacts, and dialects. (5hrs. required)
Hunting: The skill is one that allows the use of tracking an animal or person, as well as, actually hunting for food. 5hrs. required
This skill allows one to take in their surroundings and the meanings of why things may appear as they do. (10hrs. required)
Lip Reading
You can read lips for any languages you speak.(5hrs. required)
This skill is one that archers often train in. It allows for them to pinpoint their attacks to a point of close perfection. (+1 to hit with missile weaponry) (5hrs. required)
Martial Arts
This skill helps someone to understand how to move their body in a lithe way while in hand to hand combat. This allows all kicks and punches to do +5 damage to the normal. It also helps the defense out by +1 evade. (10hrs. required)
This is the art of knowing how to mine, understanding what can be mined by the ground color, texture, etc.. (10hrs. required)
This skill allows a thief to understand how to inflict damage to a person while lifting their pockets. (10hrs. required)
Musical Instrument
This is the art and skill of categorizing and playing various musical instruments melodiously. Most use this skill for performing among crowds. Though, it has been told that music may in fact soothe the savage beasts that lie in the wilderness. (5hrs. required)
This skill allows one to understand the many forms of magic and how the many effects they have. This doesn't necessarily allow one to cast. (5hrs. required)
Physical Combat
+1% to hit with attacks such as punches and kicks. (5hrs.required)
This is a skill to which one understands motions and how to make them faster. Not necessarily upping their attacks per round, but perhaps moving themselves out of harms way faster, or into harms way.+1% to evade.(5hrs. required)
This skill helps one to read and write in various languages. Through studying and attempting, they may discover a new language. (10hrs. required)
This skill helps one to confuse another by use of riddled things or words. The bearer of the skill receives a bonus to confuse the other. (+1 to confusion attempts) (5hrs. required)
Mostly used for recreation and performances, this skill allows one to mix their voice in a tune or melody. (5 hrs required)
Sleight of Hand
This allows the bearer to quickly move their hands quickly and lithely. Many of the rouge classes tend to use this to help their pick pocketing skills. Though, some mages find this helpful in casting spells as well. (5hrs. required)
Sound Affects
Level 5 or higher bards only. Using their instrument or voice, a bard can accurately mimic common sounds, such as a creaky wagon wheel or animal sounds up to a volume level appropriate to their instrument or voice. Louder sounds require the use of a spell to achieve. Note that this ability is only useful in the proper context: for example, nobody is going to believe they are really hearing an avalanche if you are on a ship at sea. 5 hours.
This skill allows clerics to gain an additional prayer per day. This is attained by the priest understanding the spirituality of various gods and goddesses. (+1 prayer per day) (5 hrs required)
A bard's skill, it helps one to use their imagination in ways of telling great tales discovered by lore, or by imagination. (5hrs. required)
This skill helps one know terrain, plants, liquids, etc.. on acknowledging which would be safer for use, in case one were to be wounded and left alone in the wilderness of the world. (5hrs. required)
This skill helps one to understand buoyancy and how to move underwater quickly. As well as, understanding how to properly breathe whilst swimming, so not to drown. Results in +1 to stat roll check. If player was trying to climb something, and has to roll dexterity, they would get +1 to Dex checks due to swimming skill. (5hrs. required)
This skill is the art form of swordplay. This helps one to understand the many uses of sword both defensively and offensively. As well as, some unheard of uses with swords.+1% to hit with swords/daggers. (5hrs. required)
Thrown Weaponry
The art of throwing weapons or rock, but this can also entail the throwing of anything as a weapon. This skill helps to understand the weight to distance factor in throwing.+1% to hit with any weapon thrown. (ie Shurikens, throwing knives)(5hrs. required)
Bards only. You may make it sound like your voice is originating from a point up to Lvl feet away. This is a magical ability, not normal ventriloquism. Particularly dis-believable circumstances may require a Charisma check, but the user receives a +2 bonus to this checks. (5 hours. required)
Weapons Mastery
This skill allows one to know melee weapons better and the arts of using them. (+1 to hit with melee weaponry) (5hrs. required)

Mentalist Skills

Mentalist characters: Choose three skills as level 1 and then email IceSC@ExodusNight.com with which three you chose to be put on your character sheet. The rest of the skills must be learned, each skill is listed below on what level you have to be before learning it. (Check under how to learn skills above, on this page.)

1. Sixth Sense:

A skill of detection and it gives the ability to know when one is in danger, or when someone may be in a certain location. They could sense through concentration if someone was close, or a loved one is in danger. Level 1-up may learn this skill.

2. Telepathy:

Able to communicate with anotherís thoughts and bond one's mind to another. This may be done at a reasonable distance, as oneís level grows the distance would grow as would the time it lasts. Level 1-up may learn this skill.

3. Memorization and Speed reading:

Scan something and read in half the time, the player would read most all facts and memorize them. This branches out in things seen and stored in memory such as maps or books, not in ones subconscious mind. Level 1-up can learn this skill.

4. Empathy:

Allowing one to let them feel emotions of another. The mentalist can project emotions to another of hate, love, anger, sorrow or fatigue. Level 1-up may learn this skill.

5. Communicate with spirits:

Can sense undead or invisible beings, this skill is used in reaching a spirit and exchanging thoughts with them, and vice a versa. Having this skill would give the player a sense of warning in mystical forests, or the Eastern Transian by sensing undead or invisible spirits near them. After level 10 they may attempt to put the spirit they connect to into a physical object by drawing them into it, or in a deceased body. This would only last for one day before the spirit could escape because of the mentalistís fatigue of power. Level 5 may learn the basic skill and 10 may instill the spirit in a body or object.

6. Projection sense:

disconnect the astral form from the playerís body and travel for short amounts of time. The astral form can fool the enemy and no physical harm can happen to the astral form. This only lasts for a short time, as levels increase so does the time it lasts. Level 10 up may learn this skill.

7. Clairvoyance:

Projecting ones dreams or giving a sight of what will happen in the future. It would seem you could view something happening or that has happened in the past in your mind. This premonition of a picture of what may be or has happened already can be viewed in oneís mind. Level 1- up may learn this skill.

8. Telekinesis:

Taking an object and moving it with a shove or force. Being able to cast against players to force them to fall or have their weapon fall. Taking a force and wrapping this about them as a shield when attacked. Level 3 up may learn this skill.

9. Bio feedback:

With this skill one would be able to manipulate another's body through any of their senses such as blindness, deaf, mute, stop their muscles from moving and make them feel pain or paralyzes. This may also help the mentalist if injured focusing on their body in meditation to heal. This does not mean it will act as a resurrect system or heal severe injuries, but it does mean one can heal to some degree by centering their mind on their bodyís wound or poisoning. You could heighten your senses such as sound or seeing, but need to meditate and center their mindís energy on the goal. Only at level 10 can someone concentrate to levitate something, but bio feedback may be learned at Level 7 up.

10. Mind Block:

to wipe one's thoughts from their mind by touch or manipulation of temples. This protects the mentalist from another mentalist creeping into their mind to find out what they are thinking. To achieve success using this skill one would have to roll, and if successful it would last for about one half hour. Level 7 up

11. Energy demand:

Gathering energies which are usually elemental such as earth, wind, fire and ice by concentrating until a true concentrated ball of this energy is formed and cast towards whom they are aiming the energy to. Remember to be rational about this skill, you can not manipulate the earth only obtain a ball of elemental energy. Level 5 and up

12. Death Stance:

Making one slow their heart down to appear dead or in a death like appearance. This can last for about twenty minutes and takes much concentration before the actual appearance of death can be assumed real by looking at the person using the skill. Level 8 up

Advanced Skills for Level 10+

Level 10+ Skills Are all based on 5 hours of training unless stated otherwise, because the character has the other 5 hours from world experience getting to this level.


Skill of taking down the attack of a monster by making you the player appear as the greater aggressor. -2 from monster attacks from the fear of seeing the person.

Ancient Volkatis Language

This can only be learned from the Eclete Scholars in the Eclete Temple.Please use the Eclete Scholars as NPC's 10 hours.

Ancient Volkatis History

You have a good understanding of ancient Exodus history and can easily answer simple questions. (More obscure topics may require an intelligence check.) At least 8 hours must be spent studying in the Eclete Temple to learn this skill; the other two hours may optionally be spent exploring and studying ancient ruins if you can find any. OOC you should have read the tome and keep up to date with current campaigns on the message board. When training please use the Eclete Scholars as NPC's 10 hours of practice needed.

Dance of the Blades

The player will have the ability to wield two swords while spinning or moving his body in a rapid manner.
+5% hit with bladed weapons.


This skill can only be used by a level 10 Bard, giving them the ability to disguise themselves through costume making, and acting; to sway the enemy or distract.


Gives you the ability to dodge +2 to evade monster after level 10


One could leap double the distance as usual considering it is based on 10ft more than a regular leap.

Master Of Dreams and Spirits

Shamans only. By predicting a person's dreams and reading their spirit they gain special insight into that person's psyche for as long as they concentrate on them, granting a +5 bonus to their spells used on that person. You must forfeit a round to select a target for this skill and choosing a new target would require forfeiting another round.


Ability to build things with moving parts, this does not mean you can build things out of era, godly items, or guns, cannons ect.

Phantasmal Background

Bards only. Requires a charisma check. Creates an illusionary backdrop for the bard's performance. If the charisma check is successful, any observers would believe that the set is conjured rather than illusionary and really exists. Even interaction with the set by other characters will not reveal its true nature as long as the bard is aware of their actions. (However, something such as stabbing someone with a conjured broken chair would reveal it as being fake.) If the initial check fails, observers will know it is an illusion from the start.

Ship Builder

This skill would be a master craftsman of ship building, although sales for the ships would go to the Master Ship Builder like the Master Forger. Having this skill would enable you to navigate a ship, bought from the master ship builder at half price. All sales go to the Master Ship Builder NPC.


This gives you the ability to run faster than the normal pace of running or jogging. +2 to dex


Any magic-using class can learn this skill. Once per day per 5 levels (i.e., a 10th-14th level mage could teleport twice, a 15th-19th level mage could teleport 3 times, etc.) you may teleport to a location up to Lvlx100 miles away. You MUST have previously visited the location or studied a very exact diagram before teleporting in order for it to work, or else the spell will not know exactly where to take you (i.e., you could end up dead inside a tree.) You may take one extra person per 5 levels (the same number as how many times a day you can teleport). You must be in physical contact with any people you bring with you. You may not make portals. 10 hours needed

War Chant

Reduces the attack +2 to strength to fight off the oncoming enemy attacking you. This would be a loud and boisterous chant given to the one attacking that would make most cringe from the sound.

Elite Skills level 15 & up

Skill of drawing maps of areas the player has adventured, this skill requires the player having been there, and the skill of Reading and Writing. 5 hours required


A form of martial arts named after the god of darkness, where the ninja or monk can use a unique form of martial arts fighting within total darkness. This skill would let monks and ninjas make melee attacks and evades (not ranged ones) in total darkness without penalties. 7 hours required


The player must have the combined source of skills, Ancient Volkatis Language, Reading and Writing, History, Ancient history and Ancient Volkatis history. This skill gives a person the knowledge of social skills and protocol to meet with higher ranking individuals, or people with political power to negotiate and use their education, and to meet and collaborate on world occurrences. Exodus Night has no formal government but the skill may be used to meet with officials from Orders and regal figures, and come to joint decisions on world occurrences. +3 intelligence and +3 charisma when used in these instances. 7 hours required


The player must have a combined skill of, Blacksmithing, Mechanics, Alchemy, Advanced Alchemy and Ship building (if related to ships). This allows the player to work with a variety of natural and man-made materials to make things such as pyrotechnics (fireworks not bombs), scopes for crossbows, building a golem but not bestowing it with life, and long distance glasses. May design and craft non-magical mechanical objects and devices. 10 hours required

Interpret Runes

This skill may be learned by someone who is a magic user and knows the skills of magic such as, Enhanced Casting, all History skills, and Mysticality. This skill gives the person the ability to decipher runes, old scripts, exotic writing and hieroglyphics. +3 to wisdom related to runes, and must make a wisdom check when using this skill. 7 hours required

Vorhees Vanish

This skill was named after the god Vorhees, and allows one to vanish in tight quarters. Where others might be seen visibly when cornered by a monster or NPC, the character must move fast and accurately, but they must know these skills listed before learning, such as Climbing, Martial Arts, and Quickness. The player must roll lower than their dex on a d100 to successfully hide. "Any action the player takes while hidden may disclose their position, to the discretion of the SC. 7 hours required"

Crest of Royal Skills

The player must be level 12 The royal crest does not give any regal bloodline to the player in rp, but it does give them the respect of being seen as a skilled superior warrior. Having it forged upon armor and wearing it will also give a +5 to soak. This would be presented to the player on reaching this level. The crest graphic will be placed on their character sheet. More information can be found on the Crest Stats are on the Echelon Crest page.

Ancient L'Ombre Sword

The player must be level 15 to use this sword. The L'Ombre sword is rare and has the ability to open the Ecle`Red waters located in the Asin Sea. This sword allows the owner to breathe underwater only in the Ecle`Red domain. The Ecle`Red beings consider these sword holders nuetral to their area and welcome them. Any one holding the L'Ombre sword in their domain with the intentions of killing them upon the first strike would find themself without air to breathe. People can not share holding this sword it works for the owner holds the power of the sword. The Ecle`Red call these sword holders, Magistrate. This sword doesn't allow under water breathing in any other water sources. This sword can not be traded or sold.

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