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Terms of Service

By creating and/or using a character name on this website, the user agrees that no rights are granted to the user, either implicitly or explicitly by Exodus Night. Exodus Night reserves the right to freely use or display the created character name for any purpose, including, but not limited to, archive stories, videos, books, games, and other stories. The user further agrees not bring any type of legal action, including unfair competition and trademark or copyright infringement, against Exodus Night or its assigns for such uses. Exodus Night reserves the right to transfer the rights granted herein without the permission of the user.

Parents and Legal Guardians are responsible for monitoring their child's play in Exodus Night. The game is suggested for NC 17, and is a medieval fantasy game. Parents must monitor their children, or use Parental Locks, Exodus Night, any staff, or fellow players, take no responsibility for underage children viewing or using the site, or chat rooms.

Exodus Night is a registered trademark of Barbara Williams. Use of the mark/name/content in any manner without permission is a violation of the owner's trademark rights. Any player violating these rights will have his or her playing privileges terminated, and may be held liable under applicable trademark laws.

Any unauthorized use of any Art or Stories of the world of Exodus Night without the expressed written consent the owner of Exodus Night is strictly prohibited.

It is recommended that a player using MSN or Hotmail accounts add our email, and check your spam filter for your character registration. They have proven to be unreliable in delivering messages from our mailer, because of their spam filters. If you do use Hotmail and MSN, please check your spam filter for confirmation emails, and newsletters.

I agree when registering, I will receive newsletters from the game. If I want the newsletters to discontinue, my character will be deleted by emailing IceSC@ExodusNight.com.

The user further agrees to abide by all rules on this and the server game site.

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